A day or two after I posted about the Caylee Anthony story, a missing 6 year old was reunited with his family. Cole Puffinburger, was reunited with his Las Vegas family 87 hours after his gun-point abduction. The 6 year old boy had been abducted by a suspected Mexican drug-dealer. Puffinburger had been found Saturday night on a quiet street outside a Methodist church in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Cole Puffinburger

Cole's father, Robert Puffinburger, was a picture of relief at a news conference, as he smiled, cried and thanked police and neighbors for helping to bring Cole home. "I'm just glad he's safe" said Puffinburger.

Robert Puffinburger and police had concentrated on a largely Hispanic neighborhood a few miles from where Cole was found. They posted fliers in English and Spanish with a photograph of the boy.Cole was found in "extremely good condition" but was taken to University Medical Center as a precaution, Las Vegas police Capt. Vincent Cannito said. Cole was treated and released to his father's care early Sunday, hospital spokesman Rick Plummer said.

Robert Puffinburger would not comment on Cole's mother or her father, 51-year-old Clemens Tinnemeyer, who police say may have stolen millions from dealers involved in trafficking methamphetamine. Tinnemeyer was scheduled to appear before a federal magistrate Monday in Riverside, Calif. He was arrested there Friday and was being held in nearby San Bernardino on a material witness warrant issued by a federal court in Nevada. Las Vegas police didn't know whether Tinnemeyer had a lawyer. Police have declined to elaborate on what role he played in the drug operation or whether the kidnappers had been seeking a ransom.



Once again, this is another missing children story that our media has not made us aware of. I understand that the media cannot do a story on every missing child case. But when they do, what makes that case any more important than another? When Elizabeth smart went missing, her picture was plastered all over TV's in america. Everyday the news would be Elizabeth Smart this, Elizabeth Smart that. She was abducted at the age of 14, I would be more worried about a 6 year old than a 14 year old. I know that's the wrong way to look at it, but at the age of 14, I believe you have a better chance of escaping or being found. What angers me is that not only did Elizabeth Smart get media attention while she was missing, which she should have, but she is still receiving media attention today, 6 years after the fact. She's been on the cover of People Magazine and she has appeared on numerous talk shows.

I've heard enough about Elizabeth Smart. This post isn't about me having a grudge against Elizabeth Smart, because I certainly do not. Look, I'm glad that Elizabeth was reunited with her family after being kidnapped for 9 months. But the media attention that she received was...obnoxious. Once they found her a news conference should've been held, and that should've been the last that we heard of her. I don't understand why we need to be reading about her 6 years after the fact. Instead of making americans aware of the past, make them aware of the present.

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