Hey, I just wanted to let everyone know that I may not post for a couple days. It appears that I may be interweb-less, and yes I just created a word. Anyways, to fill you guys in...I spent 2 and a half hours on the phone with Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft on Monday night. Oh what fun that was! Not to mention I did not speak to one person who actually spoke English. I even requested to speak to an American operator. I know these people need to make a living too, but it gets aggravating. It wasn't a problem when I first called. Spending nearly three hours on the phone isn't pleasant, but spending three hours on the phone with a foreigner is worse!

Anyways, back to what happened. I called HP and Microsoft on Monday night, because I needed an Windows XP recovery disk. First off, both HP and Microsoft tried to charge me 50 bucks just to talk to a technician. That's carrazy! So, I finally was able to talk to someone who I thought knew what I was asking. I was wrong. I spent 30 dollars for a Windows XP recovery kit, which consists of 12 disks. Each Recovery Kit is specialized for a certain model of computer from the way I understand it, which I may be wrong. So I paid to get it express mailed, I received the disks Wednesday. I sat down at my computer, popped disc number one in and rebooted my computer. TING! Disc is not compatible with computer model, press any key to continue...I GOT SCREWED OVER.

So tomorrow, which is actually today (considering its 3:24 am), I am going to call Microsoft and wreak havoc. I'm furious about this for some reason. Maybe it's because I spent 30 dollars for 12 discs I CAN'T USE!!!! I knew I just should've upgrade to Vista, or bought a mac. But vista would cost me $125.00 (which I don't have) and a Mac would be the cost of Vista, times like...10. Either way, I don't have the money to do either one of those. Instead I'm just going to demand Bill Gates to come to my house to fix my computer......FOR FREE!

Well I've done enough rambling tonight...So if anybody has any comments or questions you know what to do.

Oh yeah, just to make sure this isn't a completely useless post...


Read and Respond...thanks.

Speaking Only In Vowels,
Matthew K. Snyder