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By Matt Snyder

Like seriously I have a new blog. I thought it was about time to make some changes. All the new stuff will be posted at http://thethinkingminority.blogspot.com

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The Day the Earth Stood Still

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The Day the Earth Stood Still, in other words, "The Worst Movie of the Year". At first the movie is pretty captivating and interesting. It hooks you and slowly but surely draws you in. For about the first thirty minutes I could not stop wondering what was going to happen next. The movie was moving slow but still holding my attention.

But after that thirty minute mark I realized that the movie was going nowhere. Literally nothing was happening. The entire hour and a half that followed consisted of nothing more than a car ride to the woods, a car ride to the city, some cheesy looking orbs spawning up out of the dirt, and some bugs that ate stuff. If you throw all those things together blend it up with a piss poor plot, two mediocre CGI scenes (that both appear in the trailer), and an attempt to inform viewers about Global Warming then you have this movie.

And try as I might to figure out what was actually going on, nothing became apparent until about an hour and a half in when Keanu talks about saving the earth from humans. First you think he is a "bad guy", but then he says that hes going to save the world so you think he is a "good guy", but then he kills someone so you think hes a "bad guy" again. But then he revives him. At this point you basically are just thinking "WTF? This movie sucks. "I have to go to the bathroom, and I am going to have a hard time convincing myself to return to the theater if I leave to piss."

The acting was mediocre to say the least. By mediocre I mean the one crying scene between Jennifer Connelly and Jaden Smith. It was done exceptionally well. Other than that the acting was sub-par at best. Keanu Reeves once again showed no emotion throughout the movie. In my opinion his acting, or lack thereof, made the movie unrealistic. Of course, the plot of the movie is unrealistic, but the main goal of any sci-fi movie is to make you believe anything could happen.

The first thirty minutes of this movie had me expecting something good. The next hour and a half left me with a sour taste in my mouth, bored, and wishing I was receiving a root canal.

Speaking Only In Vowels,
Matthew K. Snyder



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Well I have finally started writing my novel. I started writing at 4 am this morning and I just finished another page. I'm not sure what I think about it yet but only time will tell. The hardest part was actually starting it. I could'nt come up with a beginning, but since I finally thought of one I've been on a roll. I've already talked to a publishing company that might publish it for me. Which I must say has been pretty exciting. I don't really care about how it sells, of course I didn't tell them that, but the whole reason why I'm doing this is so I can say that I have written a book. Not too many people can say that. I want to be able to hold a printed edition of my book. I don't care if anyone buys it, I just want to say that I've done it. It's something I'd like to do before I die, so why not get a jump start on it? Well, I must get back to writing. I'll be sure to keep you guys updated. Who knows, I might even post a blog or two this week.

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Eight is Hate

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Thousands of protesters roamed the streets of San Francisco and Long Beach after the passing of a measure to ban gay marriage in the state of California. Meanwhile, thousands also protested outside the headquarters of the Mormon church in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The marches in San Francisco were the latest of numerous demonstrations throughout the week after the state passed Proposition 8, which defines marriage as between man and woman. The measure overrides a previous California Supreme Court ruling in May which briefly same-sex couples the right to wed.

Salt Lake City, Utah-- a rowdy crowd chanted "Separate church and state" while rainbow flags masked the swarm of over 2,000 angry protesters outside of the headquarters of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Numerous protesters embraced signs with messages like "Mormons: once persecuted now persecutors" and "Mormons have 10 wives...I want ONE".

The protest in Long Beach attracted over 2,000 people who were escorted by police as they marched through streets while chanting and holding signs in support of gay rights.Police said the protests were peaceful, although there were some verbal clashes between the two opposing protesters. In the end, 3 people were arrested for trying to lead protesters past police lines.

The demonstrations in San Francisco included over 1,000 people who were escorted by police who marched down Market Street during rush hour and ended at City Hall. No arrests were reported throughout the demonstrations.


I'm taking this head on. I know it's a touchy subject, but right now I could careless. I've been waiting for a big topic to post about and I feel that this is it.

Through the mist of the election, Proposition 8 was a key topic with the candidates. Should church and state be separate? I think so. Nowhere in the U.S. Constitution does it say that marriage is between a man and woman. However, it does state in the Constitutional Amendments that EVERY citizen of the United States has the right to freedom of religion.

The phrase "separation of church and state" stems from Thomas Jefferson in 1802, in which he referred to the First Amendment to the United States Constitution as creating a "wall of separation" between church and state.

Jefferson's principle has since been lost in the interpretation of the Constitution. Religion playing just as big as a part in today's politics as it did when Jefferson instilled his idea of Secularity (separation of church and state). I believe Jefferson saw this coming a mile today. He knew that not everyone would practice the same religion, if any.

In today's society the main issue that religion has a role in is the debate on gay marriage. Many quoting the bible as to saying marriage is between "man and woman".

Who's to say that your bible is my bible? Who's to say that I pray to your God, or any for that matter? Our country is the most diverse country in the world when it comes to the matter of religion. So how is it that our government can be run by religion?

Look, if God has a problem with the way that I am living my life, let him take it up with me at the given time. It's not the governments job to tell me what God thinks is right and wrong.

From what you have read, you can probably tell that I am not against gay marriage. I believe that everyone should have the right to marry who they love. Man or Woman alike. People don't realize it yet but this is a big issue. And sadly, I don't see it being resolved anytime soon. It took African-Americans almost 100 years to earn the right to vote. But we're not dealing with just the right to pick who's going to lead this country. We're dealing with the right to choose who you want to marry.

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Matthew K. Snyder


I'm Back

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Hey everybody, I know it's been awhile but I'm back. Sadly Bill Gates never did come to my house, so I took my PC to my cousin's husband, Jon. I was up in Streetsboro for a LAN party on Saturday and he managed to fix it the night before. For all of you who don't know what a LAN party is it's basically a party where a whole bunch of computer nerds (myself being a lesser one) get together and play PC games for hours on end. I don't do too much PC gaming but I play console games quite a bit, so I figured I could hold my ground with Jon and his friends, I was wrong. Although I didn't do too well, I still had a lot of fun. I was able to meet some new people, play some video games, and have some great food. It made for a pretty nice weekend and I hope to be able to do it again sometime soon. Other than that, not much has been going on. If you didn't get a chance to read my last blog I am planning on writing a book. Notice how I said " Planning", I haven't begun writing it yet. Although, I did manage to get some research done. I'm trying to keep the details on the hush-hush, but what I can tell you is that it is a fiction novel. I hope to finish it and hopefully get it publish it with in the next two to three years (or sooner). I don't intend to make any profit off of it, it's just something that I would like to say that I have done. But I'll keep you guys updated on the details, and who knows, maybe even post a little bit of it on here. In the meantime, I would love to hear some suggestions or tips on going about writing it if anyone has any expeirence.

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Matthew K. Snyder


My New Project!!!

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Well, I haven't been able to post in quite some time. So here's a little update for everyone. I have come up with a new project that I pray I will follow through with. I have decided that I am going to write a novel. I have taken up reading recently, and it came to me that I should write a book. I've always had a knack for writing so I'm going to put it to use. I think this is the best thing for me. To allow myself to know that I can do something with my abilities. I'm doing this mostly for fun, but it would be very cool to get it published. I think that's kinda stretching it, but who care's. I'll keep you guy's posted on the details. So wish me luck!

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Matthew K. Snyder


Bill Gates Screwed Me Over!!!

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Hey, I just wanted to let everyone know that I may not post for a couple days. It appears that I may be interweb-less, and yes I just created a word. Anyways, to fill you guys in...I spent 2 and a half hours on the phone with Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft on Monday night. Oh what fun that was! Not to mention I did not speak to one person who actually spoke English. I even requested to speak to an American operator. I know these people need to make a living too, but it gets aggravating. It wasn't a problem when I first called. Spending nearly three hours on the phone isn't pleasant, but spending three hours on the phone with a foreigner is worse!

Anyways, back to what happened. I called HP and Microsoft on Monday night, because I needed an Windows XP recovery disk. First off, both HP and Microsoft tried to charge me 50 bucks just to talk to a technician. That's carrazy! So, I finally was able to talk to someone who I thought knew what I was asking. I was wrong. I spent 30 dollars for a Windows XP recovery kit, which consists of 12 disks. Each Recovery Kit is specialized for a certain model of computer from the way I understand it, which I may be wrong. So I paid to get it express mailed, I received the disks Wednesday. I sat down at my computer, popped disc number one in and rebooted my computer. TING! Disc is not compatible with computer model, press any key to continue...I GOT SCREWED OVER.

So tomorrow, which is actually today (considering its 3:24 am), I am going to call Microsoft and wreak havoc. I'm furious about this for some reason. Maybe it's because I spent 30 dollars for 12 discs I CAN'T USE!!!! I knew I just should've upgrade to Vista, or bought a mac. But vista would cost me $125.00 (which I don't have) and a Mac would be the cost of Vista, times like...10. Either way, I don't have the money to do either one of those. Instead I'm just going to demand Bill Gates to come to my house to fix my computer......FOR FREE!

Well I've done enough rambling tonight...So if anybody has any comments or questions you know what to do.

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