Well I have finally started writing my novel. I started writing at 4 am this morning and I just finished another page. I'm not sure what I think about it yet but only time will tell. The hardest part was actually starting it. I could'nt come up with a beginning, but since I finally thought of one I've been on a roll. I've already talked to a publishing company that might publish it for me. Which I must say has been pretty exciting. I don't really care about how it sells, of course I didn't tell them that, but the whole reason why I'm doing this is so I can say that I have written a book. Not too many people can say that. I want to be able to hold a printed edition of my book. I don't care if anyone buys it, I just want to say that I've done it. It's something I'd like to do before I die, so why not get a jump start on it? Well, I must get back to writing. I'll be sure to keep you guys updated. Who knows, I might even post a blog or two this week.

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Question of the Day: What is one thing you'd like to say you've done before you die?

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